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TERMS AND CONDITIONS Please read carefully all our terms & conditions before becoming the member of V-Commerce. 1. You should be a Commerce Graduate. The following documents need to be submitted along with the resume (i) Photo (ii) Graduation Certificate and (iii) Offer / Appointment Letter/ Salary Slip of Previous Company (if any). 2. You have to appear for a test duly designed to understand your knowledge and background. The documentation and data maintenance charges is Rs. 150/-. 3. After checking your test paper and Resume by our faculty we will decide whether you can go for interview or you need training. 4. In case you are good enough for job we will ask whether you are interested for our recommended range of salary. 5. If you are selected in any of the interviews you have to pay Service charges.  At the time of joining you have to pay Rs. 500/- The balance amount. must be paid from the 1st month salary. The Service charges will depend upon the salary range which is mentioned below: Salary Range Service Charges Till Rs 5,000/- Rs. 1,500/- Above Rs. 5,000/- till Rs 7,500/- Rs. 2,500/- Above Rs. 7,500/- till Rs 10,000/- Rs. 4,500/- Above Rs. 10000/- till Rs 15,000/- Rs. 6,500/- Above Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 8,000/- 6.  In case you do not pay we have an arrangement with our clients to get it deducted from your salary and pay to us. And thereafter we will never  entertain your bio-data for future placements. 7. It is to be noted that the Service charges payable from you is a separate matter and must not be mixed with the Service charges  payable to us by our client the candidate must keep this matter in strict confidence. 8. In case you are not fit for job as per our faculty we will suggest you for training of 3½ months whose charges and course content will be explained by our course co-ordinator. 9. The amounts once paid shall not be refundable at all. 10. Additional facilities:  We maintain all your details in our databank. The moment we get any openings which suits your profile and expectations we send a message on your  registered mobile number. You can come or also recommend any of your friends for such job openings.